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Science fiction and fantasy event Finncon is a brand known both in Finland and abroad. Every year the event gathers thousands of enthusiasts and professionals. The age distribution of the event is wide. The people attending Finncon are extremely interested in technology, media, especially games, computers and movies.

The professional profile of the people attending Finncon: highly educated, often working in IT or ICT, teaching or research and creative people working with arts, culture and designing, testing and using technology. The national network of fans is international and it was relevant for example in introducing anime and mange to the Finns.

Expected people attending: 4000 people
Age distribution: 10-80 years
Average age: 25-45 years

Please contact our Press Officer Eeva Pohjonen in regards of all interviews and other press related issues. Eeva Pohjonen will forward your request to the right person if needed.

Press Officer
Eeva Pohjonen

Main Organizer
Marianna Leikomaa