Friday’s program at the university has been published and can be found from the program page!

The informal FandomFriday begins at 10.30 AM at the Steam engine museum (, where we will continue on to the Moominvalley ( and the Pizzeria Napoli (, where you can enjoy a Tampere-style black sausage pizza! (Or something else… they have 99 other pizzas to choose from!)

The programming at the University begins at 2 PM, so the aim is to be back before it starts. Everybody has to pay their own museum
admissions & pizza themselves (Steam engine museum is free of charge) and there’s no maximum number of participants. However, we’d like you to inform Karo if you’re coming (, just so we know who to expect and can reserve a table from Napoli.

The programming at the University will last from 2 PM to 6 PM. The program consists of writer program and other interesting program, there’s something for everyone. The international fan film Star Wreck 2pi will have it’s premiere at the university at 4 PM!

After the programming is over, there will be science fictional tabletop hockey (and just meeting people) at the O’Connell’s pub
( “library” from 7 PM onwards! There will also be a Kapteeni Kuolio (a Tampere superhero!) tour in the
Kalevankankaa-cemetery, but that’s in Finnish.