What is Finncon?

Finncon is a science fiction and fantasy convention held since 1986. It was held for the first time in Tampere in 2008 together with Animecon, and in 2012 it returns (without Animecon this time). The number of visitors Finncon has previously attracted is around 4 000 people making it one of Europe’s largest science fiction and fantasy conventions. The convention location is downtown, near the train station and a short way from several hotels, shops and markets.

The guests of honor of Finncon 2012 are authors Lois McMaster Bujold (USA), Liz Williams (UK) and researcher Irma Hirsjärvi (Finland).

The theme of Finncon 2012 is the apocalypse, but the final program will of course contain many other themes as well. The final programming will include at least YA literature, translations, fandom, media and of course plenty of science fiction and fantasy! In addition to the Finnish programme, there will also be programming items in English and Swedish. If you would be interested in participating in the programming, please contact us at ohjelma@2012.finncon.org

As usual, Finncon has no membership fee!

While there is no actual membership fee, you can show your support to Finncon by becoming a supporting friend of Finncon 2012. This costs 20 euros, and will entitle you to certain friends-only benefits (such as receving a special badge). If you are interested in becoming a supporting friend of Finncon 2012, please e-mail us at tukijasenet@2012.finncon.org


If you are arriving already on Thursday, please let us know at info@2012.finncon.org. We’re planning on organizing “Fandom Thursday” if there are people interested in getting to know the city and meeting some local fandom, too!