Finncon Reached Over 4000 Visitors

Finncon expected about 4000 visitors during the Finncon. This was reached with about 4250 visitors during the weekend. The 3000 visitors mentioned before was individual visitors but the overall number of visitors is how Finncon has always counted it’s visitors.

Thank you all 4250 visitors and see you next year in Helsinki!

Evening Party Program Is Out

Evening Party program has been published!

Finncon 2012 evening party will be at Restaurant Telakka on Saturday July 21st starting at 8 PM. The entrance is 3 euros. In masquerade costume or with the “Supporting Friend of Finncon 2012″ badge the entrance is free. There will not be loud music at the evening party but after the program there will be a delegation leaving for a local night club so those who wish to spend the night dancing can do that.

20.20-22.00 Finnish sf-mafias have their tables at the second floor of Telakka
22.00 Masquerade prizes
22.30 London 2014 Worldcon -bid
ca. 23.00 Disco-delegation leaves

Bookcrossing in Finncon

As usual, Finncon has a table for Bookcrossing books where anyone can release books to others or pick up something to read. Bookcrossing is an international book releasing movement created by people who believe that books are not meant to dust away in the bookshelves but to be read. You can keep track of the released books by entering their ID-number into the Bookcrossing website. If you pick up a book, you can track its previous movements by entering its ID-number in the Bookcrossing site. You can also mention that you have now found the book. Logging book information into the website is free, anonymous and does not require registration. After you have read a book you can re-release it, give it to a friend or keep it.

Researcher Matti Savolainen passed away

Science fiction researcher and a dinosaur of Finnish fandom Matti Savolainen passed away June 30th 2012 after rapidly progressed illness. Matti was the most important person the beginning of Finnish science fiction research. He worked both at the Tampere University and the Oulu University.

Finncon 2012 wants to remember Matti with a memorial book in which the people who knew Matti can write their names and a personal memory of Matti. The book will be taken to Matti’s relatives after Finncon.